• New R&D website

    Visit the brand new website of our R&D Department!

  • Company logo - change

    For years we have been developing our competencies and the scope of our business, stepping out of the field of neuroscience and evolving constantly. Our logo evolves as well, determining the path of our development: "Custom-Made Solutions for Research and Health Care".

  • SMI - Automated Semantic Gaze Mapping

    ASGM (Automated Semantic Gaze Mapping), a new tool for ETG analysis by SMI, which eliminates the need for manual mapping, is now available. Contact us for more information.

  • NEW iView 2.7

    NEW iViewETG 2.7 is available now for download. This functionality offers, among other things, live audio transmission of the participants.

  • SMI ETG 2 Wireless Upgrade

    A NEW SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless upgrade of is available now. It increases the sampling rate up to 120 Hz and enables native, binocular tracking over the whole trackable field of view.

  • G.TEC

    We have broaden our product portfolio of a renowned Austrian brand g.tec . Its exceptional products work with all major BCI approaches (motor imagery, P300, SSVEP and slow cortical potentials), allowing to start BCI research within a few hours.


    VISIUS ® Surgical Theatre with iMRI and iCT. Perfectly integrated operating rooms, to carry out treatments in the field of neurosurgery, head, spinal cord, ENT and interventional cardiology.

  • NNL Complete Solution for fMRI 	NNL Complete Solution for fMRI

    NordicNeuro Lab Equipment Company is a whole range of stimulators and professional software for fMRI research. Devices provide new opportunities for the presentation visual and auditory stimuli to the patient.