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Installation of 7T high-field MRI scanner

We are proud to announce the participation of Neuro Device in the installation of equipment in the laboratory of GE’s 7 Tesla high-field MRI scanner.

The 7T MRI scanner is a machine of an enormous power, which is why it is almost impossible to use any electrical device in its vicinity.  It enables to get very precise images of the inside of a human body.

The magnetic field generated by this machine is almost twice as high as in the newest machines currently used in hospitals. This will enable scientists to see details they miss during traditional examinations.

The scanner was installed in Lublin for the Ecotech-Complex consortium. Currently, only several dozen of 7T MRI machines, most of them in the U.S.A., which additionally shows how exceptional this installation is. It gave Neuro Device new, unique experience as well as firm confirmation that our devices can work in such difficult environment.

More information on the project:,5167.htm

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