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Meet Science Device

Due to the growing interest in Neuro Device products and services, and consequently – the development of the company, we have established a new unit in our structures – Science Device.

The team operating under Science Device name, took over duties of the existing Neuro Device sales team. It specializes in distribution of professional equipment used for testing, diagnostics and stimulus presentation in Poland, equipping laboratories and research centres with innovative equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. 

In the company’s portfolio you will find all the brands and devices that could previously be found in Neuro Device offer: Tobii Pro, BIOPAC Systems, Inc., g.tec, Wearable Sensing, Nordic Neuro Lab, Rogue Resolution, Ergospect, WorldViz.

Meanwhile, Neuro Device will focus on the development of its own products, such as well-known Neuro Device Scent™, Neuro Device Voic™, nurostym, or LifeTone.

More information you can found on the website and Facebook.


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