Due to many years of collaborating on various projects with research and medical institutions, Neuro Device is able to guarantee the highest research standards for their provided services.

Among others, we have worked with the following institutions: Warsaw Medical University, Warsaw Technical Institute, Warsaw University, Catholic University of Lublin, Marie Curie-Skłodowska University, The M. Necki Experimental Biology Institute and the School of Social Psychology.

Projects carried out by Neuro Device

One of the main priorities at Neuro Device is sustainable development, keeping up with changing technological possibilities and knowledge, and even getting ahead. Therefore we try to carry out development and research projects, both individually and as part of a consortium with research institutions and companies. We’re currently carrying out the following projects, among others:

  • Developing an innovative methodology for sensory research using psychophysiological measurements and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • System for computer supported reconstructive surgery in tumour treatment.
  • Innovative set of methods and tools for the assessment of road infrastructure regarding road safety.
  • Wireless system for physiological measurements (GSR and Pulse).

We also provide methodological support to a range of clinical and research projects carried out by polish higher education institutes, e.g.:

  • fMRI and DTI testing of patients with brain tumours and epilepsy, prepped for surgical treatment as well as preparing a neuronavigation protocol.
  • fMRI testing of adults and kids to determine the functional anatomy of the brain for verbal functions.
  • Analysing reading processes using eye tracking (in linguistics, psychology and law).
  • Linguistic research using eye tracking within a group consisting of bilingual people.Research on facial recognition using eye tracking.
  • Analysing emotional processes using eye tracking, electroencephalography, pulse and GSR.
  • Case study using fMRI, DTI, eye tracking, EEG and psychophysiology.

Our activities supporting students and young researchers resulted in several conference news items.
We make our laboratories available to students and doctoral students, we share our experience in carrying out researches, we publish scientific papers together.

We shared our knowledge during speeches.

Our employees are invited to domestic and international conferences, symposiums and training courses. We also participate in regular research events, e.g. Brain Days.

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