SMI ends production

We have been informed that SensoMotoric Instruments, our long-term partner and supplier of eyetrackers we sell, has just announced that will finish its production.

Right now we are analyzing the situation and taking measures that our clients wouldn’t be affected adversely by the situation and our projects would be implemented according to the plan.

We are in constant contact with SMI representatives and we are talking about the end of our cooperation and the care of the equipment that our Clients have bought. We want to provide them with expected technical support and servicing.

Although SMI finishes the production of eyetrackers, licenses will expire and there won’t be any upgrades, we can assure you that it will not significantly affect the performance of your device.  At the same time, we have initiated talks with other world’s leading eyetrackers manufacturers. Because we pay particular attention to the quality of products we sell, we need time to select the right offer.

We always make sure that everything we do in Neuro Device is on the highest possible level, the products we sell are world class and our clients get the best possible solutions and support. This time is not going to be any different. Every customer who will contact us , will get the help we offered him at the time of purchase.