Our company

Who we are

We specialise in the development of innovative solutions in the field of therapy, diagnostics, and scientific research of the brain and the central nervous system, providing the world with solutions that change the quality of human life. We belong to the forefront of global companies creating the image of modern neuroscience.

The fields in which we specialise are:

What we do?

We work on the development and implementation of projects from various areas of neuroscience. We co-create technology enabling innovative therapy and diagnostics, as well as conduct ground-breaking research on the functioning of the brain and develop diagnostic and therapeutic methods for patients suffering from nervous system disorders.

We have experience in creating neurostimulators using tDCS and TES technology. We are currently working on a system for aphasia neuro-therapy and speech disorders associated with it (Neuro Device Voic).

Our team designed and made the first stimulator to locate somatosensory areas in the brain (Neuro Device Tacti), opening new possibilities in the diagnostics and treatment of many neurological problems. In our portfolio, there are also a system for olfactory testing and measurements of neuronal reactions to scents (Neuro Device Scent) and a system that increases patient safety and comfort during MR tests (Neuro Device Camri).

Our projects

Our global position

Our portfolio includes many pioneer projects prepared in collaboration with renowned researchers and research centres, including the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, the Max Planck Institute and the University College of London. Among the institutions making use of technologies and solutions developed by us, there are: Klinika Budzik (The Alarm Clock Clinic), Boston Children’s Hospital and Saitama Children’s Medical Center in Japan. Also known investors are coming to Neuro Device, such as Yigal Erlich – the father of Israeli startups, and global companies such as Siemens, GE and Bayer, for whom our team is creating medical devices that are the first of their kind in the world.

Company history